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  "Skipper's Challenge is a great idea, imaginatively conceived and brilliantly executed. Besides its obvious educational value, it ought to provide hours of fun and games in the cockpit. It should enjoy a huge success!"
    Are You As Seaworthy As Your Boat?
Take the "Nauti-Bender" 900 And Then... Sea!

Skipper's Challenge Book with 900 Nautical Puzzlers
Third Edition 320-Pages (6 1/2" x 9")

$24.99 each
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All copies sold direct are signed by the author

"Any day on-the-water is a good day!"


900 "Nauti-Bender" Puzzlers... to challenge your seamanship and boat handling skills... what every serious skipper should know.

Written Especially for Recreational Boaters ... who want and need the practical, day-to-day seamanship knowledge and skills required to safely enjoy their favorite pastime.

Whether Into Power or Sail... this full-color (900 photos/graphics) book offers an enjoyable learning opportunity for the novice while presenting a comprehensive review for even the most experienced skipper.

Each Page Will Challenge Your Nautical Skills... posing basic to in-depth questions with descriptive graphics on boat handling, docking navigation and other seamanship concepts needed while on-the-water.


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